2021 Mahathir Science Award Call for Nominations

Agriculture & Food Security
Win USD 100, 000, a gold medal, a certificate, and the chance to work with MSAF to promote tropical sciences

The Mahathir Science Award Foundation (MSAF) is invites nominations for the 2021 Mahathir Science Award. This award Science Award recognises the best contributions and innovations towards solving problems of the tropics through science and technology.

The award is conferred to individuals, groups of not more than 3 individuals, and institutions worldwide who have made significant and internationally recognised contributions in four categories of tropical science, namely: 

i. Tropical Agriculture
ii. Tropical Architecture and Engineering
iii. Tropical Medicine
iv. Tropical Natural Resources

From among the four categories, two categories are rotated yearly.

The selection of the Award winner is based on the scientific contribution, originality of work, impact and its significance in solving the problems of the tropics by improving the quality of life and contributing to the region’s prosperity.

The call for nominations for the Mahathir Science Award is now open for the Tropical Agriculture and Tropical Architecture and Engineering categories. Nomination submission closes on 30 December 2020.

The recipient of the 2021 Mahathir Science Award will receive a prize of USD100,000, a gold medal and a certificate. In receiving the award, the winner(s) will also cooperate with MSAF to promote the tropical sciences through engagement sessions.

The nominees will be assessed based on the materials provided by nominators and the responses to the questions in the nomination form available at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nj5r8vq3id2nhnd/AAAgDSRRWIj83OIoMEO7snWba?dl=0. It is essential that nominators attach to the form all background information about the nominee and evidence of contribution that merits consideration for this award. The form should be sent by return via email to award@msa-foundation.org

For further information, contact award@msa-foundation.org or visit http://msa-foundation.org/


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